Whether a business is large or small, it succeeds or fails based on its management and its adaptability to change.

In many businesses the management is often highly skilled in the business’s trade but may not have the business knowledge to take the company to it is fullest potential.

Whether it is for specialist advice or simply a new perspective, an outside professional can provide a valuable contribution to the business, allowing the management to focus more keenly in the areas they know best.

As a firm with thirty years experience working with businesses in a variety of industries, James Walsh Accountant Limited can provide an independent and professional view point into your business.

We can assist in various management consultancy roles including:

  • Review and interpretation of your financial statements
  • Preparation of business plans, cash flow statements and profit forecasts
  • Advice on the implications of differing financing options
  • Reviewing your existing Management Information Systems
  • Advice and assistance on the implementation of new Management Information Systems
  • Other advice as required by the client

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